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Silicone Profiles / Gaskets by Silex

Development and customer specified production of tubes and profiles made of HCR Silicone-rubber

Silicone Profiles / Gaskets
The Production of customer "tailor made" profiles from HCR Silicone rubber is a specialty from Silex.

Besides the "classical" square and round profiles our advanced technology enables us to offer our customers also complex and sophisticated profiles for specific applications.

The extrusion of our profiles is based on our own developed compounds, taking into consideration the Chemical and Physical properties which are needed to accomplish almost every requirement for sealing applications.

Furthermore Silex produce also profiles / gaskets made of 2 different rubbers, so-called "co-extruded profiles". Those products comply with the constant increasing of requirements coming from new complex engineering. In general co-extruded profiles are made of 2 colours or 2 different products. The combination of solid / sponge and electrically isolating / conductive is also possible.

Dimension (square, round, customised) / limits

Wall thickness, mm Width, mm Height, mm
from approx. 0,2 to approx. 200 to approx. 50

The packaging of the profiles is done according to the customer's specifications. As standard we supply our profiles loose rolled or rolled on coils.

Properties (general purpose)

Shore A 10 - 15 60 80
Tensile strength, MPa 5 - 6 8 - 10 8 - 10
Elongation at break, % 1000 400 300
Tear strength, kN/m 13 20 20
Specific gravity, g/cm³ 1,06 1,16 1,20

Type of profiles / properties

  • Profiles equipped with a self adhesive tape.
  • Production of O-rings by bonding or vulcanising.
  • Production of frames by using the "corner vulcanisation technique"
  • Using of filaments in order to minimise elongation stress.
  • Reducing of coefficient of friction in order to become a smooth surface.
  • High translucent, or high definition colours (also according to RAL) to meet optical requirements
  • Low compression set possible to ensure high and continuous sealing function
  • Temperature range of -60 °C up to 180 °C (with special compounds from -100 °C up to a maximum of 300 °C)
  • Self extinguishing qualities (DIN 5510 or UL 94) to allow applications in sensitive areas
  • Food application compliant according to BFR XV Silicone und FDA § 177.2600.
  • Drinking water compliant KTW BGBI 28, Nr. 12 (1985) (Germany) (A, C1, D1, D2).
  • Bio compatible (USP Klasse 1-6 / EP / DAB )

When your desired requirements are not listed in the above, please contact us. The diversity of silicone products is too big to list them all on this page.

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Fax: 02323 98644-56
E-Mail: verkauf@silex-silikon.de